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Review of: LG G6
Lutz Herkner

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On 02.05.2017
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The screen of the LG G6 measures 5,7" and is twice as high as it is wide. All info and results as well as a comparison with the Galaxy S8 in this review ...


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This is going to be a tough duel: Both LG G6 as well as Samsung Galaxy S8 are now in trade, come with an elongated touch screen, about twice as high as wide and the prices play in the same league, too. While the price for the LG G6 to 749 EUR (Germany/Europe, including 19% VAT, may vary depending on country), Samsung calls for his top-of-the-range phone 799 EUR. In the camera, the concepts of the Korean companies apart, however: While Samsung uses a single lens with a 12 megapixel sensor that is particularly sensitive to light, LG takes two lenses with normal and wide-angle, each with 13 megapixels. But which system shoots the better photos? And what about battery life, processor power, crafting quality and handling? LG G6 and Galaxy S8 fight a tough battle for the thrown: All info, results and differences in this holistic mobiwatch review.

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