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On 22.05.2017
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The display of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ measures 6.2" and thus is the second largest. All the info, results and differences to the S8 in this test ...

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Photo: mobiwatch

Faster, stronger, and, above all, bigger a mobile phone has to be these days. With the Samsung Galaxy S8+, the Koreans now get really to the top: The luxury version of the Galaxy S8 has a touch screen with incredible 6.2 inches or 158 mm, positioning the S8+ only by a nose the current number one. As for the S8, the developers chose the elongated 18:9-format and the screen is also curved around the edges, leaving almost no bezel at all. Which is why the Galaxy S8+ ends up with a width of just 73 mm, making it comparatively handy. Similar sized competitors measure up to 81 mm here. But what else has changed in comparison to the S8? Review of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with all results.

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