photo: Foto: Wandersmann -, edited by mobiwatch

photo: Foto: Wandersmann –, Huawei, edited by mobiwatch

mobiwatch is testing mobile phones since the year 2000, expanding its test range ever since. That includes for quite some years now a battery runtime test where we playback a video in Full HD with a high share of white to challenge OLED panels on par with LED screens. The display illumination is dimmed down to 200 Candela per square metre, and flight mode is turned on. So we have exactly the same conditions for all test samples.
Because many of you asked for it, we now publish the results of these tests. But with more than 800 tested mobile phones in the database, we cut that down to the Top 20 of all phones, we’ve tested in the last 365 days. In the following table, you’ll find the battery runtime in minutes first, followed by the average, this result means compared by the average of all tested phones of the last 24 months.

The list is updated permanently and thus always up-to-date. The date you see at the top only refers to the day, this post has been published first!

video playback at 200 cd/m² in flight mode, last 24 months ©

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