Top 20 CameraThe quality of the main camera is tested in two disciplines. For the photo assessment, mobiwatch evaluates criteria like sharpness, details, exposure, contrast and dynamic – grain or compression artefacts minimize the result. Every candidate has to proof in various light conditions from sun to candle light, with and without flash. For the video quality assessment, the named criteria are relevant, too, but supplemented by stability of image and auto-focus as well as sound quality. The table below gives the results, combined as well as seperately plus the ratio of camera test results and price, shown in relation to the current average of all phones, tested in the last 24 months.

The list is updated permanently and thus always up-to-date. The date you see at the top only refers to the day, this post has been published first!

Test results photo and video quality, relation = test points compared to street price (Germany, incl. tax) in relation to the average, last 24 months ©

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