PLV TeaserbildWith so many mobiles on the market, it’s hard to decide which one to pick: is it the big, powerful but expensive phablet? Or the smaller, cheaper but not so strong phone? The mighty 20-megapixels camera or are 8 megapixels enough? Of course this decision is to be made individually, but one fact is impartial: the price performance ratio. To calculate it, mobiwatch correlates the overall points of the test result and the current street price (Germany, including tax, prices vary depending on the country but the relations will stay pretty much the same). This result is compared to the average of all mobile phones, mobiwatch has tested in the last 12 months: this will let you see which models give you more than usual for your money … or less.

The list is updated permanently and thus always up-to-date. The date you see at the top only refers to the day, this post has been published first!

relation of total points in test and street price (Germany, incl. tax), in relation to the average, last 24 months ©

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